Me and my babies!

Me and my babies!

Hello and welcome to my blog! The main reason for writing this is to keep a permanent record of my life now as a mother.  To record all of the funny things my children say and do and to remember what they liked and what we used to do.  I don’t want to forget a thing!

I will probably use it a bit to moan about the lack of sleep and how busy I can get as a work at home mum too, but I want to note it down at the beginning that I would not have it any other way!

My name is Naomi and I have a lovely partner who works incredibly hard as a self employed ducter.  Our children are Abigail aged 4 and Eddie aged 2 and they truly are my reason for living.  They make me laugh every single day and I am incredibly lucky to get to share my life with them!  This does not mean that I don’t get frustrated at times and annoyed, and also miss going out to work a little bit, it just means that I am doing the best thing for my family at the moment and that is all that matters.

I want to look back on this when I am old and remember how great it was – the good old days!


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