National Trust Afternoon

Its been one of those weekends.  Loads of boring adult jobs to do and the kids getting quite fed up.  On Saturday afternoon we tried to take them to a planned ‘fun day’ at a local park which was closing (2 hours early) as we arrived due to a low turnout, so wasn’t that much fun!

More jobs on Sunday morning and the kids were getting very bored, there was only one thing for it – time for a National Trust afternoon!  The closest place to us is Basildon Park which has some lovely gardens and grounds with fun things to find and games for the children.

My kids just love the deck chairs though and have to test out all the empty ones as we walk round!  These were the first two we found.

2013-06-23 13.02.28

When we managed to drag these two away from their deck chairs we found some building bricks.  The children (and Daddy) were very excited about building the biggest tower ever!

2013-06-23 13.50.21


2013-06-23 13.52.27

Very proud of their achievement

2013-06-23 13.52.50

And the best bit!

We finally had two happy children!  After the big build we had quite a few games of giant connect four, explored a small maze (I think it was designed for children!) and found some sticks.  My children love collecting sticks and giant leaves!   We looked at and smelled the beautiful flowers which my daughter loves (but she did get a bit scared of the bees today).

We had a lovely long walk around the grounds, and played hide and seek in the long grass.  the kids chased each other, laughed a lot and generally enjoyed all the freedom they were allowed!

We then treated ourselves to a bit of delicious cake in the tea room.  I then gave them some bubble mixture which they loved and played with for ages.  Chasing bubbles that I blew for them and blowing their own.  My daughter was very patient helping her little brother and showing him how to do it!

2013-06-23 16.32.30

Helping her little brother

We had a great afternoon and I think we made it up to the children for the boring start to the weekend!


Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Unexpected Day Out!


My husband had a very rare day off on Wednesday so I had to make a decision, take the kids to swimming and football (our normal Wednesday) or go out for the day as a family.  Decision was quickly made!

We went to Cliveden House, near Taplow and had a lovely day out.  There is so much open space that the kids could run around as much as they liked and with a lot more freedom than they would normally be allowed!


We went exploring too and found lots of wonderful things!


A curly wurly tree that they just had to run around lots of times!


A small building in which it was discovered that if they screamed really loudly it echoed! (We were the only ones in there!)


A really great fountain in front of which my daughter practiced lots of fun poses!


And countless statues!  They were very impressed with all of their discoveries, which did also include some sticks and leaves and stones, oh and a small puddle which my boy was very excited about!

Then after all that exploring their was only one thing left to do…..


Play in the park!


Linking up with Country Kids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Sibling Rivalry


I am writing this post at 8.23am and we have been up since 6am.  So far today there has been approximately 7 incidents between my children – fighting, ‘he hit me’, ‘she won’t share’ etc. and I just get the feeling it is going to be a long day!

Although they do have moments such as this, they are not very often and usually happen late afternoon when they are tired and hungry!

Right now they have joined together to watch Peppa Pig, so I will sneak off to get dressed in a minute.  We are meeting friends at a local farm today, I do hope they have got this out of their system by then!

Photo taken at a more normal happier moment (they are holding hands!).



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